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"There is nothing reprehensible in that,
To do not follow herd going ahead,
And to move in that way on which should go".
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The DECISIVE DIRECTION is the missions to planets of other stars.

The growth of the Earth population demands creation of rigidly regulated society. It will result in domination of the few and totalitarian slavery of the majority.
The exit in other worlds will allow avoiding rigid restrictions for a society.

For achievement of planets of other stars it is necessary to solve a line of problems.

1. It is need to have correct knowledge about world.
For achievement of other stars planets it is necessary to solve a line of problems, which before were not stated and were not decided. In this way it is necessary to be based on reliable knowledge of the outworld. Now its comprehension is based on a line of hypothetical positions. The man receives the real knowledge as a result of measurement of objects properties (see Chapter 1 of my book "The Theory of Interaction" ). For example, the distance between bodies or size of bodies is defined as a result of comparison to size of standard body. Such knowledge is received by mankind much enough, it is especial last two centuries. Alongside with explanations of this knowledge the hypothetical constructions were entered: the space, time, a field, energy, entropy etc. Therefore the all phenomena of outworld are interpreted within the framework of imagined images, concepts and designs. In a modern picture of the world the objects of human imagination and objects outworld are so closely bound, that they are difficult for distinguishing from each other.
The modern picture micro- and macrocosm is imaginary. It is the same imaginary, as well as comprehension of our ancestors about the Earth resting on a turtle were imaginary, or conceptions about the world of ancient Greeks. Their outworld was subdivided into three areas: the Neptune's area at ocean, Pluto's area under the ground and Zeus's area in heavens. In imaginations of ancient Greeks the their known images of creatures and objects of nature were used. In modern imaginations about the world the abstract images, which created in mathematics and theoretical physics, are used. A modern microcosm is imagined as the fields filled with photons, gravitons and other particles, and a macrocosm - as curved space-time.
The problem of a reality of our comprehension always excited outstanding thinkers. As a result of the analysis of the Theory of Relativity, which is the main error of the 20-th century, I have received such conclusion. The problem of a reality may be finally resolved, if we shall realize, what object of our comprehension is object of our outworld and what object of our comprehension is object of our imagination. Then unequivocally it will be possible to determine, what there is a knowledge about the world, and what there is fallacy.
From here the unhypothetical method of studying and the description of outworld follows with necessity. I am basing on these positions, and I have developed a unhypothetical method of the description of electromagnetic and gravitational interactions (see. "Memorandum2", see "A MANIFESTO: RETURN TO REALITY" and "The Main Mistakes of Modern Science"). It is necessary with its help, to reconsider all phenomena of microcosm since Rutherford's experiences . In result will be deselected all false conceptions about microcosm. After that we shall receive reliable knowledge about world, on which it is possible to be based to solve the planned problems.

2. It is need to develop the means necessary for the distant missions.
The main means for achievement of planets of other stars is the driver. In free cosmos space the only one way of the receiving of spacecraft motion is possible: by assistance of reaction of the rejected substance jet. The velocity of jet at combustion of chemical fuel is approximately equal 5 km/sec. With such propulsion engine the mission up to the nearest star will last hundred thousand years. Such big term of flight is unreal.
With increase of jet velocity the time of mission is decreased. If the substance from the jet propulsion engine will be thrown out with speed of light or even the greater (see "The New Approach and Superluminal Particle Production" or "To Produce Superluminal Particles Quite Really!" ) the flight to planets of the nearest stars will last some years (see "Substantiation of researches strategy for interstellar flights" (In Russian)). The main problem from here follows: it is necessary to create a driver with superluminal jet of substance. This question is considered in a line of my works (see for example the information on the my book "The Theory of Interaction" (In Russian)).
The second important problem is the energy supply for the jet propulsion engine. The to-day known energy sources have insufficient power. The power is required in thousands time higher. Such power supply may be developed on the basis of real knowledge of a microcosm, i.e. after realization of the program of item 1 the problem of about power supply will be solved.
I have allocated these two problems as the most important. Alongside with them there is a line of other problems without which decision the mission is impossible. I think that the appropriate experts will present their formulation and methods of the possible decision in the best way. As an example I shall mention the expert in a radar-location, namely the Novosibirsk scientist Z.B. Gajdukov, winner of the Lenin premium. After acquaintance of my book "The Theory of Interaction" he has engaged in questions of a radar-location in conditions when emitter and the receiver move with the speeds close or big speed of light. He has stated the results in the book: Gajdukov Z.B. Introduction in the radar-tracking theory of a relativity. - Novosibirsk, Publ. House GPNTB. 2000. - 120 p. Thus, he has begun considerations of a problem of communication and remote definition of objects parameters. Without the decision of this problem the mission also is impossible.
Similarly and other problems may be put for discussion. As a result of all-round discussion by experts the optimum way of their decision will be defined, and problems will be pulled off (see. HOW TO ACHIEVE THE PLANETS OF FAR STARS in Russian).

3. It is need to create a fair society on the Earth.

There are many various opinions about justice in a society. Some my opinions are stated in the materials submitted here(Ecology, Understanding, Interview)(In Russian).

The fair society may be only a society in which there are equitable rules for all its members. Therefore the rules for fair society should be created by a free exchange of opinion of all society representatives.

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